Person Centred Planning

This course enables staff to understand the importance of meeting the individual needs of their service users by seeing people as unique individuals who require unique interventions designed to meet their unique needs. This approach maximises choice and maintains dignity thereby adding extra value to people’s lives. This course can be tailored to support staff to develop Person Centred Plans.*

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the value of Person Centre Care
  • Identify the benefits of creating a “Life story” for the people you support
  • Demonstrate the value of being non-judgemental
  • Describe the processes for empowering service users
  • State the importance of respecting personal choices
  • Respond empathically when peoples’ wishes cannot be met

This Person Centred Planning course is delivered in 2 hours. 

*For a course tailored to include developing Person Centre Plans allow 3 hours.

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