About Kate Hird

My Training Philosophy

These are the building blocks upon which I base my training. My delivery is deliberately ‘hands-on’ and as practical as is possible. This reflects the fact that my clients primarily work in the community, sometimes lone working and always dependant upon their knowledge, understanding and skills to deliver the ‘best’ for their clients and service users!

  • My training must be practical, relevant and up-to-date, using experienced and well qualified trainers who present interesting, stimulating and thought-provoking subjects in innovative ways. 
  • As much learning as possible must be portrayed through hands-on practical work in conjunction with classroom-based theory. 
  • I believe that staff, particularly new starters acquire and progress their professional skills through sequential, cumulative, and developmental learning provided by high quality training in addition to one-to-one shadowing and close supervision.
  • My training should promote reflective thinking in group sessions, through open discussion and be shaped by interaction with and the guidance of more experienced staff members.
  • I am committed to a high trainer-to-delegate ratio throughout.  I feel the more personal the training, the more effective the message. 
  • I believe in providing the same high quality service for all my clients, regardless of a client's size or available budget.
Health & Social Care Training by Kate Hird